About Us

About us Shradha Bhakti Viswa Kalyan Trust

Shradha Bhakti Viswa Kalyan Trust was born with an idea to serve the underprivileged, especially towards feeding the hungry, providing medical aid, supporting the Education, Widow women, Divyang/Physically & Mentally disabled, etc. The trust has been working since 2010, but formally registered in 11th August 2015. working professionals with the primary intention of bringing together the three key stakeholders of the social sector i.e. NGOs, Volunteers, and Corporates, on a technology platform.

Along with the technology platform, the Shradha Bhakti Viswa Kalyan Trust carries out social projects, where the focus is on sustained volunteering to create a real social impact.

 Shradha Bhakti Viswa Kalyan Trust’s unique platform makes it easy for volunteers to connect with several NGOs and showcase their skills in the work that is being carried out by them. It also helps NGOs to display their work in front of corporates and interested volunteers. Shradha Bhakti Viswa Kalyan Trust also helps companies choose the right NGO for their CSR activities.


Focus Areas

Why Being Volunteer?

India, as a developing nation, needs structured social work today more than ever. Millions of NGOs are working in the social sector in the areas of education, environment, health & hygiene, empowerment of women/children/differently abled /elderly /migrants/ other minority groups, skill development, entrepreneurship, livelihood development, urban & rural development and much more. In this context, Shradha Bhakti Viswa Kalyan Trust acts as a bridge between corporates & volunteers and such NGOs, so that they get different resources to work optimally and more efficiently. It functions by connecting volunteers and corporates with NGOs through umbrella projects like Volunteer Engagement and Development activities. Other than those, Shradha Bhakti Viswa Kalyan Trust supports and conducts diverse activities like renewable energy, education, sanitation, cleanliness drives, environmental care, conserving heritage sites, healthcare, skill set development, animal care, etc. with the help of its volunteers.

Beginning of the journey.

Volunteering truly provides a sense of purpose. Before we started SBVK Trust, we came across a lot of people who wanted to volunteer for various causes but did not know how to reach the right NGO. We also came across many NGOs who were looking for volunteers and/or funds for their projects. We being from the corporate world knew that corporates are always looking for genuine NGOs to work with for their CSR activities. Since its inception, Shradha Bhakti Viswa Kalyan Trust has been instrumental in organizing hundreds of activities every year, where individuals can participate and contribute to society.


Associated NGOs

We at SBVK Trust are happy to associate with NGOs who believe in us.

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