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Your donation will add to the fund that runs child education, protection and health programs in India.

 Every rupee counts! You can make a difference. Come forward, now…

 For decades Shradha Bhakti Viswa Kalyan Trust has been working with the most disadvantaged children, women and low income community to provide them better healthcare, Environment protection, education opportunities and protection from physical and mental exploitation. Protection health, spirituality humanity peace nature and culture through participatory approach focusing children, adolescents and women. We go right in the middle of the poorest communities with our development projects and help children be children. We rid them from the clutches of malnutrition, send them to schools, and pull children out of child labour – all with an aim to give children a happy childhood. It is because of the hundreds and thousands of generous donors that we have been able to pull it so far. We need your continued support to enable us to continue with our work with the same vigour and passion.

If you serve all of them, then you are serving God, in the year your parents and your ancestors will also be well-being, because it is the will of God, their prayers lead us to the right path.

The Government of India has made provisions to encourage people to make donations. This means that one (individual/organization) can donate their money towards a social cause and claim exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Donating to an NGO is the best way to gain income tax exemption.

 While donating to Shradha Bhakti Viswa Kalyan Trust, you can claim 50% deduction while filing your income tax return as an individual or a corporate. “Your contributions are eligible for up to 50% tax benefit under section 80G as 80G AS Shradha Bhakti Viswa Kalyan Trust is registered as a non-profit organization”

Bank Details Transfer through (NEFT/RTGS/UPI) Mode Account

Name      Shradha Bhakti Viswa Kalyan Trust

Account Number    50200017894116

Bank Name         HDFC Bank Limited

Bank A/C Type      Current Account

Bank Address       Naini Prayagraj, Uttar
Pradesh- 211008, India

Bank IFSCCode     HDFC0004130

Bank MICR No.     211240502

Branch Code        004130

 As per the Indian Income Tax Department’s rules, a donor is required to add their Full Name, Address and PAN number in case they wish to claim tax exemption.


 Offline Donations to Charity in India (NGO) Donate through Cheque/Cash: We accept donations in Checks from National & International in INR / US $ / GBP / EURO in any other currency. You can make your donation in the name of “SHRADHA BHAKTI VISWA KALYAN TRUST” through cheque/ D.D& send to the following address: SHRADHA BHAKTI VISWA KALYAN TRUST, 18/A, Block-I, Om Vihar, Palam Vihar, Extension, Gurugram-122017 Haryana -India 

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