Women Empowerment

Gender equality remains a burning issue even when women play equally important roles in driving the rural economy in India.   

We’ve designed new ways to nurture and support a journey to empowerment, one village at a time, one woman at a time. We demystify and decentralize technology and put new tools in the hands of the underserved, with the objective to spread self-sufficiency and sustainability. With a geographic focus on the Least Developed Countries, we train women worldwide as solar engineers, entrepreneurs and educators, who then return to their villages to bring light and learning to their community.

Women and girls who gain the opportunity to receive skills and efficacy-building tend to be healthier, are better able to compete in the labor market, have fewer children, earn higher incomes, are more prepared, independent, resilient and able to make a better world for themselves and those around them. Providing entrepreneurial opportunities for women contributes to faster economic growth and stronger national competitiveness.

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