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सर्वकामदुधे देवि सर्वतीर्थीभिषेचिनि ll पावने सुरभि श्रेष्ठे देवि तुभ्यं नमोस्तुते ll
Sarvakaamdudhe devi sarvatithirbhishechini l Pavane surbhi shreshte devi tubhyam namostute ll

Cows and Krishna have always been together. In his original form in the spiritual world, Krishna is a cowherd boy in the agricultural community of Goloka (“cow planet”) Vrindavan, where he keeps unlimited, transcendental Surabhi cows. When he descends to earth, Krishna brings a replica of Vrindavan with him, and he spends his childhood tending cows and calves while playing in the pasturing grounds with his friends. His example shows the importance of cows to human society, the practical benefits of caring for them, and the advantages of an agrarian economy based on cooperation between man and cows. Krishna established the original economic system, varnashrama-dharma, for the spiritual and material progress of all living beings. Protected cows are a major component of this system, Cows are considered one of the mothers of humankind because cow’s milk when properly prepared is perfectly suited to maintain human life. Milk can be made into a wide variety of preparations, such as yogurt and butter, which are also essential ingredients for use in the ceremonial worship of Krishna in his transcendental deity form.

In his famous book of instructions for humankind, the Bhagavad-gita, Krishna mentions cow protection as one of the prime duties of any civilized society. The Bible also tells us that cow-killing is as punishable as killing a human being. The belief is that the cow is representative of divine and natural beneficence and should therefore be protected and venerated. The cow has also been associated with various deities, notably Shiva whose steed is Nandi, a bull, Indra closely associated with Kamadhenu, the wish-granting cow, Krishna a cowherd in his youth, and goddesses in general because of the maternal attributes of many of them. We have read in Hindu mythology that Cow is considered to be the most sacred animal. Cow is also called as Kama Dhenu.

We have heard in our mythology or from our elders that we can get “Punya (Blessings)” by feeding them. There are various ways you could volunteer and support this venture.

Gaudana: You could donate an old age/ ill or new cattle to Pushp Gaushala and they will take complete responsibility of the Gau (Cattle) that you have given them. Here you could extend monitory support if you wish to donate new cattle in your name to Gaushala.

Gaugrass: You could feed the exiting cattle’s by contributing Gaugrass. Here you could lend grass or extend monitory support to buy grass for a particular period.

Gauseva: You could volunteer and visit the venture and do some sort of seva to these cattle’s.

गाय मईया की महिमा तो अपार है जिसका उलेख शास्त्रों और पुराणों में वर्णित है संत महात्माओ ने गौ माता की महिमा के सम्बन्ध में अनेको व्याख्यान दिए है !

मातर: सर्वभूतानां गाव:

गाय सनातन संस्कृति की रीढ़ है !वेद शास्त्रों के अनुसार गाय माता पृथ्वी के समस्त प्राणियो की जननी है !

गाय के सींगो में ब्रह्मा,ललाट में शंकर,कानो में अश्वनी कुमार,नेत्रों में सूर्य चन्द्र,जीवा में पृथ्वी, पीठ पर नक्षत्रगण,गोबर में महालक्ष्मी,और थनों  में चारो समुद्र निवास करते है !

ब्राह्मणों और गुरु के पूजन से जो फल मिलता है ,वही फल गौ माता के स्पर्श मात्र से प्राप्त हो जाता है ! बाल्मीक रामायण में आया है

विद्यते गोषु समभाव्यम विद्यते ब्रह्मणे तप:! विद्यते स्त्रीषु चापळयम विद्यते ज्ञातितो भयम !!

इस श्लोक के प्रथम चरण में देखा जाए तो गाय माता पे ही तेनो लोक स्थित है ! अत: गाय माता प्रत्यक्ष देव है ! शास्त्रों में गाय के गोबर में महालक्ष्मी का निवास बतलाया है ,गो मूत्र में भागीरथी माँ गंगा का निवास है !

अरे वाह सरकार क्या कृपा है श्री युगल सरकार की लेख लिखते लिखते गाय माता के भी दर्शन हो गये, भगवती गाय माता घर की चोखट पे खड़ी है , गो रक्षक श्री गोपाल भी देखो क्या संयोग बनाते है ! श्री राधा श्री राधा श्री राधा !

गाय माता की रक्षा केवल हर मानव का कर्तव्य है बल्कि धर्म भी है !

गावो ल्क्षम्या: सदा मुलं गोषु पाप्मान विद्यते ! अत्न्मैव सदा गावो देवानां परमं हवि :!!

गाय माता महालक्ष्मी का मूल है,उनमे पाप का लेश मात्र भी नहीं है ! गौ माता ही मानव को अन्न और देवताओ को ग्रास प्रधान करती है !

निवटं गोकुलं यत्र श्वासं मुचित निर्भयम ! विराजयति तं देशं पापं चास्यापकषति !!

गाय माता जहा बैठ कर श्वास लेती है, उस स्थान की शोभा में वृद्धि होती है और वहा पर किया हुआ सारा पाप उतर जाता है !

गो माता की सेवा वास्तव में श्री गोपाल सेवा ही है, भगवान श्री कृष्ण गौ माता से अपनी माता का भाव रखते थे,और ऐसे कई उदहारण आपको श्री भागवत महापुराण में देखने को मिल जायेंगे !

We are Focus 
  • To pick up injured cattle, get them to the hospital via an ambulance and to then provide them with every appropriate treatment for their wellbeing.
  • To Provide complete care to old aged and wandering Cows.
  • To provide medical treatment to seriously wounded and cancer suffering cows and their progeny.
  • To encourage people to protect and Save Our Holy cow.
  • To Increase awareness of the benefits of cow milk, butter, curd and Ghee and the importance of being vegetarian.
  • The sages, as described in the ved puranas, stated that touch & worship of cow and the regular use of cow products can absolve sins and prevent diseases.
  • Helpless Cows, Gau Shala, Gau Raksha.
  • To provide free of cost medical treatment to helpless and wounded Gau Mata.
  • We have the large Goshala (A Home for Cows) in the (AREA).
  • Warehousing capacity of Animal feeds feed available for the cows.
  • Fodder-cutting machine with high capacity available for the convenience of the volunteers and the workers.
  • Every kind of fodder along with jaggery, available for offering to the cows.
  • Arrangement of special food for the cows at auspicious occasions, available. Bhandaras also available.
  • Special arrangements for (Godaan) Cow donation and Cow worship.
  • Devoted workers available in the service of Go Mata (the cow), round the clock.
  • Water pools with clean drinking water, especially for the cows.
  • We are arranging Doctors, compounders, supervisors, and Go Sevaks (devotee volunteers for serving the cows) always available.
  • Shades, tractors, ox-pulled buggies always available for cleaning up.
  • Many donors contributing, sufficient rupees every month for the service of Go mata.
  • Medical van for picking up the injured cows from the roads.
  • A hospital for the cows, with every modern facility
  • A school running inside Gaushala campus for childes of Go-Sevaks
  • Free foods for Go-Sevaks.

Objectives of NGO

To promote and propagate love and care for cow breeds in the hearts of the Indian Community and all over the world to make them understand the importance and needs of the Cows, In Indian culture, we worship cows as “Goddess” and also named them as “Mother Cow”. To propagate and promote love for the Cow and its Virtues. To work for the protection & conservation of Cow, in association with Volunteers, we arrange to bring the Cattle to the Campus. We care for the Stray, ill-nourished and helpless Cows by providing them food, shelter and medical facilities, to provide them hay, flour, fresh grass, clean water, medical attention and a place where they can recuperate from injuries peacefully. To provide food, shelter and medication to Cow.


“A thirsty bird can drink his fill from a river without causing the slightest change in the level of the stream. In fact, the river becomes even richer, having offered this Sewa (Selfless service) to the bird. In the same way, generous donations to the charity will only increase your true wealth”. – Kabir Das (A great saint of India)

It is our humble request for all, to help in arranging the following equipment by Please donating generously or helping to obtain an X-RAY machine, Ambulance, Ultra sound machine, Tractor, JCB, Pathological instruments.

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