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At Shradha Bhakti Viswa Kalyan Trust, our mission is global impact. We strive to make a positive difference in communities across the world. Through dedicated projects and partnerships, we're working tirelessly to create lasting change. Join us in shaping a better world!

Welcome to the Shradha Bhakti Viswa Kalyan Trust (sbvktrust), where our commitment to positive change is unwavering. Formally constituted in August 2015 and registered under the Non-Government Organization Registration Act of 1882, we are dedicated to fostering holistic development across various facets of society.



Drug De-Addiction & Rehabilitation

SBVKTrust is dedicated to combating the challenges of drug addiction. Our rehabilitation center provides support, counselling, and a path to recovery for those struggling with substance abuse. Join us in breaking the cycle of addiction and restoring hope. Together, we can make a difference in the lives affected by drug dependency.

Shradha Bhakti Viswa Kalyan Trust Focus Areas:

1. Health and Sanitation: We strive to create awareness and implement initiatives that enhance public health and sanitation, ensuring communities lead healthier lives.

2. Education: Empowering minds through education is at the core of our mission. We aim to provide access to quality education, nurturing the potential of every individual. 3. Environment Protection: Committed to a sustainable future, we actively engage in environmental protection initiatives, promoting responsible practices for a greener planet.

4. Urban-Rural Development: Bridging the urban-rural divide, we work towards comprehensive development, creating opportunities and improving living standards in both settings.

5. Empowerment of Women and Youth: Empowering women and youth is pivotal to societal progress. We champion initiatives that promote gender equality, skill development, and empowerment.

6. Skill Development and Livelihood: Focusing on skill development, we enable individuals to build sustainable livelihoods, fostering economic independence and growth.

7. Agriculture: At the heart of our agricultural initiatives lies a commitment to sustainable farming practices, ensuring food security and supporting local farming communities.

8. Gauseva and Gau Medical Treatment: We are devoted to the welfare of cows, supporting Gauseva and providing medical treatment to ensure the well-being of these revered animals.

9. Consumer Rights: Advocating for consumer rights, we strive to create awareness and ensure fair practices, empowering individuals to make informed choices.

10. Road Safety: Promoting road safety is a cornerstone of our efforts, working towards creating safer road environments and reducing accidents.

11. Socio-Economic Rights, Particularly Human Rights: Championing socio-economic rights, with a particular focus on human rights, we endeavour to create a just and equitable society for all.

12. Women’s Empowerment: We are dedicated to advancing the cause of women’s empowerment and fostering a society where every woman has the opportunity to thrive.

At sbvktrust, we believe in the trans formative power of collective action. Join us on this journey towards a better, more inclusive tomorrow.
Our Mission

Our mission at Shradha Bhakti Viswa Kalyan Trust is clear: empower lives and create positive change. We are dedicated to addressing pressing issues, fostering sustainable solutions, and making a lasting impact in communities. Join us in our commitment to building a brighter, more equitable future for all. Together, we can make a difference.

Our Values

Guiding Principles for Impact at Shradha Bhakti Viswa Kalyan Trust, our values define who we are and guide everything we do: Compassion: We approach every endeavour with empathy and a deep commitment to alleviating suffering. Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of honesty, transparency, and accountability in all our actions. Collaboration: We believe in the power of partnerships, working together to maximize our positive impact. Inclusivity: We respect and celebrate diversity, ensuring our efforts benefit all, without exception. Join us in embodying these values as we strive to create positive change and uplift communities. Together, let's make a meaningful difference.

Our Vision

A Vision for a Better Tomorrow at Shradha Bhakti Viswa Kalyan Trust, our vision is to create a world where every individual has the opportunity to thrive. We aspire to build resilient communities, foster inclusivity, and inspire positive transformation. Join us as we work towards a future where compassion, equality, and sustainable progress shape the world we all share. Together, let's turn vision into reality.

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