श्रद्धा भक्ति विश्व कल्याण ट्रस्ट

Why Us !!!

You may find many sites providing accommodation to stay with them, but it not a tough task to choose best among them. Our prime objective is to provide a best and hassle free camping solution in Allahabad to earn the name and fame of our holy city, so that visitors and devotees will visit again and again to our city, in attempt to quench the quest, we have come up with the following solutions.

We have taken utmost care while choosing the site for our cottage camp, being in prime location, adjacent to Sangam (Confluence), Pollution free, lush green, surrounded by trees and flower plants.

Providing complete safety and security to our guest is main aspect of our company, so we have chosen our cottage camp site which is vigilance by positioning of CCTV’s Cameras at different places with centralized monitoring and deployment of trained security guards with watch towers.

As we have mentioned earlier, that our cottage camp site is adjacent to Sangam (Confluence) , nearest place to main bathing point ,near markets place, well connected with main road and other joining roads for all type of movements.

We assure to offer our guest a pure vegetarian and righteous food prepared with unadulterated food items, cooked by adept cooks in well hygienically manners and served by English spoken waiters. Daily changing menu in all the three meals (Breakfast, lunch and dinner). Meals will be a combination of India as well as International variety.